Digital by Design

Strategic Plan 2021-24

Strategic Visioning Session Guide

Thank you for signing up to be a part of our strategic visioning session.

As part of the visioning session, we will be breaking away from our usual roles and institutions and start thinking bigger. We’ll be working in collaborative, cross-disciplinary groups and we’ll be organized inter-institutionally.  We’ll broaden our conversation beyond eCampus Ontario –  to a conversation about the landscape of e-learning in Ontario. We’ll be looking at how far we’ve come, and we’ll imagine where we want to go.

Part of our work together in the session will be thinking about the current state and the future state of eLearning in Ontario.

We are asking all participants to please prepare for Thursday’s session by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1.

Please answer the session prompt below by submitting your answer at the link below:

  • What is the current state of eLearning in Ontario? (i.e. what are the key characteristics of this system?
  • What is it like to engage with this system?
  • What is the culture of eLearning?
  • What makes you think it’s working well?
  • What makes you feel like it’s not working well?)

Step 2.

Another part of our work will be looking at possible ideas for innovation that could provide some inspiration for how eCampusOntario might build into the future.

Please come prepared with an example of an innovation that provides an inspiration for the future of eLearning – this could be something related to eLearning that another organization is doing, or it could be something that is a totally new way of thinking or operating for eLearning – something you’ve seen other industries or organizations do. Capture the examples you have to bring to the session for inclusion in our activity.

Step 3.

We also want you to think about your engagement with the eLearning landscape over the years. Before you attend the session, please consider what kinds of things are meaningful to you about the eLearning landscape that you wouldn’t want to lose as we build the future? What parts/ideas/values of the current system are important for us to bring forward?