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Strategy Sprints

Where We Are

Sprint 0: Understanding people

October 5 – 16

What Did We Do?

  • Learned about the people and organizations that have relationships with eCampusOntario
  • Mapped out the many ways that eCampusOntario works with other organizations
  • Understood the groups we needed to hear from to inform our strategic plan

Sprint 1: Where We Need To Go 

October 19 – 30

What Did We Do?

  • Looked at opportunities to improve the current landscape of virtual learning in Ontario
  • Began talking to stakeholders about the future of virtual learning in Ontario, held a ‘Three Horizons’ workshop with TESS attendees
  • Developed a ‘Strategy’ website to promote progress and transparency of the strategy development process
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On Thursday, Oct. 23 eCampusOntario held a strategic visioning session with the attendees of our TESS Conference. We hosted participants who work in the postsecondary education field to talk about the current state of virtual learning, and to imagine the possibilities of what the future may be. After a rousing session of collaborative imagining, we heard a lot of ideas about what could be changed about virtual learning, we heard what people hoped to be true about virtual learning in the future – and we heard about the things that are great about our system that we need to carry forward as we go through this process.


Sprint 2: How We Will Get There

November 2 – 13

What Did We Do?

  • Launched a 20-question research survey for educators, student government representatives and other PSE stakeholders
  • Onboarded four OCADU graduate students to conduct research and environmental scans on a number of virtual learning-related topics
  • Continued group discussion for eCampusOntario innovation opportunities in the virtual learning landscape, including the first of two online workshops with eCO staff
  • Mapped out current strengths the system has built together to date, and recognized the values, characteristics, and tools that we want to carry forward into the future.

Sprint 3: What we need to succeed

November 16 – 27

What Did We Do?

  • Launched a brief 9-question survey targeting Ontario students and educators via social media
  • Continued online workshops and consultations, including eCampusOntario Board and Ontario Post-Secondary CIOs, with 13 one-on-one interviews (mix of learners and faculty) completed to date
  • Review Research Assistants initial findings and assign culminating work
  • Ongoing analysis and synthesis of all research and survey data

Complete eCampusOntario 2021-24 Strategic Plan            

December 1 – 18

  • Complete review and analysis of all research
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Develop the 2021-24 Strategic Plan for Board review in January

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